President Erdoğan Unveils Human Rights Action Plan

​President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan unveiled the Human Rights Action Plan on March 2, which discloses fundamental principles geared towards a new and civil constitution.

Delivering a speech at the presentation meeting of the plan, President Erdoğan said, “The ultimate aim of the action plan is a new civilian constitution. Our compass in the cause for justice is focused on human beings and guided by human dignity and human rights."

Slated for implementation in two years, the plan is based on 9 objectives, 50 goals and 393 actions.


Objectives of the Human Rights Action Plan

  • A stronger civil rights protection system
  • Strengthening the judicial independence and the right to a fair trial
  • Legal predictability and transparency
  • Protection and development of freedom of speech, organization, and faith
  • Strengthening individual freedom and security
  • Securing the material and moral integrity and private life of people
  • More effective protection of property rights
  • Strengthening social welfare and protecting vulnerable groups
  • Utmost administrative and social awareness on human rights​
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