Renault to manufacture its new model "Fluence" in Türkiye

AA - French carmaker Renault introduced its new model "Fluence" in its Türkiye plant on Monday. The new Fluence will replace Megane II Sedan manufacturing at the existing assembly line in the Oyak Renault plant, a joint venture between Renault and Türkiye's Oyak. Renault will make an additional investment of EUR 110 million in the Oyak Renault plant in Bursa for the Fluence model, which will be shipped to more than 80 countries, said Tarik Tunalioglu, Top Executive of Oyak Renault. The new Renault model will be globally launched at the Frankfurt Auto Show on September 15, said Tunalioglu. Oyak Renault will continue to manufacture the new Renault Symbol, three and five-door Clio and Clio Grand Tour in Türkiye, while Megane II Sedan manufacturing will halt, Tunalioglu noted. Renault Fluence, the new C-segment four-door was designed with the aim of standing out as the most attractive car of its class. The model will be released onto the Turkish market in November but will also arrive in Russia and Romania, the two major markets of the Megane II Sedan.