“Companies which do not prefer Türkiye end up with regret”

Hurriyet Oto Yasam – Finding themselves in a quandary as to whether they should make the investment of €1.2 billion in Türkiye or Czech Republic two years ago, Hyundai finally decided to make the investment in Czech Republic. Certainly, incentives and support offerings provided by Czech Republic at the time facilitated Hyundai’s decision. However, Hyundai missed the significance of the quality production in Turkish automotive industry based on qualified staff. Today, Hyundai cannot find workers to employ. Today, all automotive plants in Türkiye have become the plants which are producing the finest quality products of their relative international brands worldwide. Toyota, Renault and Ford have officially declared this. At this very point, even before the production was actually started, it was understood that Hyundai’s preference for Czech Republic was not the right decision. This mistake by Hyundai was announced in the German automotive magazine, Automobilwoche, as well. According to the news article published in the magazine, Hyundai has difficulty in finding skilled workers in Czech Republic, where they have made an investment of €1.2 billion. Although Hyundai has planned to employ 1500 persons for this year, they have been able to employ solely 750 persons so far.