Türkiye promises action to meet EU energy efficiency standards

Radikal - The government has placed energy efficiency on its legislative agenda as a part of Türkiye's drive to integrate into the European Union. A new project seeks to provide efficient use of energy, especially in heating insulation and prevent the inefficient use in white goods and other electric-powered household appliances. Following a rescheduling, with a target date of 2013, the government is expected to officially introduce the National Programme Draft of 2008 this month, which outlines Türkiye's roadmap to achieving EU membership. Among other things, this draft notes that a significant lack of investing took place beginning in the 2001 transition to a more open energy sector, and medium term reduced supplies of electricity are anticipated. Authorities note that energy measures required as part of the EU accession process seeks to prevent supply shortfalls in electricity in the medium term, while maintaining adequate energy supplies in the long term.