European Free Zone to set up a wind power plant

Hurriyet Daily News - The European Free Zone’s (EFZ) work on the construction of a 500 kilowatt per hour (kWh) wind power station are ongoing, said Zafer Atbakan, General Manager of the zone, located in the industrial center of the Tekirdag region. “We aim to offer companies and investors low-cost and uninterrupted power. The feasibility study has been completed. We have confirmed that the area gets enough wind to feed the turbines”, Atbakan said Adding, “We are planning to invest EUR 1 million in a power station that will produce 500kWh.” The EFZ aims to set up a four-megawatt wind power plant. Free zones’ trade in Türkiye totaled USD 23.4 billion last year, he noted. “Our trade volume for the period was USD 1.5 billion. We attained a trade volume of USD 846 million between January and September. We rank 5th in terms of employment figures. We aim to become a brand”, Atbakan stated.