German companies bent on new investments in Türkiye

Aksam - The surging growth of the Turkish economy, backed by stellar statistics, has led two major German companies operating in Türkiye to expand their investments.

Aunde Group, a manufacturer of technical textiles for the automotive industry, has decided to enter the Turkish tourism and energy markets, according to its Chairman Rolf Königs. The group already has a plant in Bursa, Türkiye that manufactures seats and seat components for vehicles. “Additionally, we have invested in a cement production plant and two hotels in Türkiye, employing over 2,000 people in total. More projects will follow in the energy sector, which we plan to enter with greenfield investment to produce electricity,” said Königs in a meeting held by the Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TATSO).

Dusseldorf-based Metro Group, the parent company of Real, Media Markt and Metro chain stores in Türkiye, will also continue its investments in the country. Rainhardt Freiherr Von Leoprechting, a Metro Group executive attending the TATSO meeting, said the number of Real markets in Türkiye will increase and that the group will continue its growth in the country.
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