Intel launches R&D lab in Türkiye

Aksam – Having based the headquarters of its Middle Eastern and African operations in Istanbul, US-based semiconductor giant Intel is now investing in Türkiye’s innovative and creative skill base. Opening a research and development (R&D) lab in Istanbul Technical University (ITU) technopark is Intel’s first step into sharing its global expertise and know-how with Turkish developers to increase the country’s technological output.

“Running on Open Intel Labs model, Intel Türkiye labs will work in cooperation with Intel partners, universities and public institutions, combining the joint efforts of a staff from a variety of disciplines including social scientists, software designers and developers into realizing end-user oriented projects”, Intel Türkiye head, Burak Aydin said at the opening ceremony at ITU’s ARI Technopark.

“Increasing Türkiye’s intellectual property portfolio and boosting the numbers of patent applications is also a key goal” he added.

“Intel’s R&D lab in Türkiye will support the Türkiye’s developer ecosystem and help local developers to gain global access. Türkiye, with its young population, engineering skills, and creative partner companies, is a very important country that has become a regional research and development center in addition to housing Intel’s Middle Eastern and Africa headquarters”, Brian Quinn, Manager of Business Development & Operations at Business Development & Operations said at the opening.

The Intel Türkiye R&D lab will focus on the Internet of Things, a concept of internet -connected objects widely expected to redefine internet usage, and the Fatih Project, Türkiye’s nationwide high-tech education initiative.

The lab aims to attract USD 40 million of investment over the next 5 years depending on project development.

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