Toyota Türkiye to create 800 new jobs with new sedan

Hurriyet – Toyota’s new compact sedan, slated to enter production by 2013 at the company’s Turkish plant, will create at least 800 new jobs according to Toyota Türkiye’s General Manager and CEO, Orhan Ozer. The Japanese car maker currently manufactures the Auris hatchback and the family saloon Verso at its plant in Sakarya in western Türkiye. Ozer announced that a new sedan passenger vehicle will be added to the production line with an investment of EUR 150 million.

“Beginning early next year, Toyota Türkiye will begin adding around 800 new employees to its workforce at the Sakarya plant...”, Ozer said adding that the exact figure of new employment may be higher as the company is still in the planning stages of the project. Noting the quality standards attained in Toyota’s Turkish factory, Ozer said the Turkish plant has the highest production quality of all Toyota plants outside of Japan. “Our skilled work force combined with the fully-implemented Toyota Production System is a major contributor to our success. Turkish workers’ loyalty and devotion to the workplace is remarkable. This is also evident in other automotive companies in Türkiye like Renault, Ford, and Fiat.”

Toyota’s Sakarya plant in northwestern Türkiye is expected to begin production of the 11th generation compact sedan by June, 2013. The plant’s capacity will increase to 210,000 cars per year with this new model. According to earlier statements from the company’s European headquarters, Auris production will shift to the company’s UK factory, while Verso production will remain in Türkiye alongside the new sedan with increased utilization of locally procured parts.

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