fDi Intelligence Publishes Special Report on Türkiye

​fDi Intelligence published a special report on Türkiye titled "Türkiye's Innovation Spin - The Country Eyes Tech-Based Investments to Upgrade Its Economy" in its December 2021/January 2022 issue.

The report noted Türkiye, with its entrepreneurial business culture, young and tech-savvy population, has been attracting significant investments from global players. Türkiye's short-term growth focus on one side, experts believe its favorable long-term fundamentals, including a relatively young and growing population, strategic location and vibrant manufacturing sector, position the country well for knowledge-intensive investment.

Investment Office President A. Burak Dağlıoğlu provided insight into Türkiye's foreign direct investment strategy, technology investments, and sustainability for fDi Intelligence. “We are pushing projects in line with sustainability practices and green manufacturing process. For example, Türkiye is one of a few countries that have a whole supply chain for wind turbines; we manufacture the tower, blades, turbines and other parts domestically. We have been investing in renewable energy, with almost 50 percent of our installed power capacity coming from renewables," President Dağlıoğlu said.

The report also highlighted Türkiye creation of a fertile environment for its start-up scene. The Turkish entrepreneurship sector has raised five unicorns by 2020 and 2021 including online gaming companies Peak Games and Dream Games, together with ecommerce platforms Getir, Trendyol and Hepsiburada.

Nazım Salur, Getir's co-founder and CEO, also spoke to fDi Intelligence, saying that Türkiye was a great place to perfect Getir's business model before expanding internationally, due ​in part to its younger demographics compared with other European countries. “If you have developed something good, the likelihood of millions of people using it pretty fast is very high in Türkiye, whereas it may take you longer in other markets," Salur added.

Fatih Kemal Ebiclioglu, President of Koç Holding's Durable Goods Companies, also tells fDi Intelligence that with reforms in education and exchange rate stability, Türkiye is well placed to strengthen its position in the global supply chain.

The report also included promising comments, including C-suite figures from Ford Otosan, Mercedes Benz, GE Healthcare, and Trendyol.

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