Investment Office Showcases Turkish Startup Ecosystem at Web Summit

Startups, accelerators, policymakers, founders and executives of technology companies from around the globe gathered in Lisbon on November 1-4 for the world's premier tech conference Web Summit to exchange ideas and share experiences on the latest technologies and developments.

Investment Office, a partner of the summit, attended the event with a delegation of industry professionals, along with the Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Fatih Kac​ır and representatives from government institutions to highlight the Turkish startup ecosystem for international investors.

Attending the summit, Investment Office President Burak Dağlıoğlu said the event focused on the most recent developments in the startup ecosystem. “Türkiye's startups raised USD 146 million funding in 2020, while they attracted around USD 1.5 billion investment during the first nine months of 2021, setting a record. We believe more Turkish companies will join the “billion dollar club" with their valuations soon on the back of a developed entrepreneurial ecosystem, a large and a young population with high-tech penetration, a competent product developer pool, an ever-growing investment trend, and successful exits to global companies," noted Dağlıoğlu, adding that the Web Summit is a great platform for showcasing Türkiye's blooming startups that typically receive investment from venture capital and private equity funds, but have now landed on the radar of sovereign wealth funds and pension funds as they scale up. 
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