New investment from Ewe Türkiye

As one of the major German energy companies with its endorsement of over 8 billion Euros, Ewe AG has expressed its decision to increase their investment in Türkiye, where they have been operating since 2007. The company, which carries out its trading operations under the name of EWE Türkiye Holding, stated that they would make a new investment of 202 million TL to increase the distribution network organically within 2 years.

Bekir Sami Acar, the General Manager of EWE Türkiye Holding, said that they made new investment plans to increase the efficiency of their company, which made a 100-million-TL investment in two years, within Turkish market. Also Dr. Frank Quante, the other General Manager of EWE Türkiye Holding, stated that there was a serious corridor in energy in Türkiye, adding that they were closely monitoring this situation.

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