Royal Dutch Shell invested USD 830 million in Türkiye in 5 years

Hurriyet - During a meeting held with Shell Türkiye’s General Manager Ahmet Erdem within the scope of his visit in Türkiye, global energy giant Royal Dutch Shell’s CEO Peter Voser said, “We were here in Türkiye in 1923, the year when the Republic of Türkiye was established. We have invested a total of USD 830 million in our business in Türkiye since 2006. We are planning to maintain our growth rate in Türkiye. Our retail network in Türkiye, consisting of fuel oil-gas stations, is ranking among the best performers in the global arena. Shell will continue to be a dependable and strong investment in Türkiye.”


Voser remarked that Türkiye is of great significance for Royal Dutch Shell, and went on to say: “Türkiye will continue to boost its position as an important energy corridor. It has taken vital steps in liberalizing in the energy sector. We have witnessed this, in particular in the natural gas market.”