Le Monde: THY immune to financial crisis


Sabah - France’s prestigious newspaper Le Monde has drawn attention to the fact that in an environment of shrinkage experienced by other airline giants, THY has managed to increase the number of its passenger by 11 percent, and ‘is not suffering from the economic crisis.’


An article in France’s Le Monde newspaper noted that as air travel in Europe experienced a six percent decline in the past year, Turkish Airlines (THY) has brought its number of passengers up to 25.1 million, which translates into an 11 percent increase. In an article devoted to recognizing the airline’s growth, Le Monde writes, “Europe’s fourth largest airline company is not suffering from the crisis.”


The newspaper went on to state that, “with a worldwide campaign using Kevin Costner as the company’s ambassador, Turkish Airlines has now made a few million euros of investment in order to be one of the sponsors for the world’s top two well-known football teams, Barcelona and Manchester United.” In addition, the article underlined that THY has added nine new destinations, including Sao Paolo and has ordered 20 new Airbus planes.


“This fast growth is in parallel with the development seen in Türkiye’s aviation sector. Tourism is growing. In 2009, 26 million foreign tourists visited Türkiye. The Turkish government is anticipating this figure to reach 30 million in 2010, and to 50 million in 2020.”