Türkiye Unveils Foreign Direct Investment Strategy (2021-2023)

​​​​“Türkiye's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Strategy (2021-2023)" has been published in the Official Gazette on June 22. The target-oriented FDI Strategy will provide Türkiye with a clear roadmap for attracting value-added and knowledge-intensive investments, which create high-quality employment.
Making remarks in the strategy document President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan underlined Türkiye's FDI Strategy, prepared in cooperation with all public and private industry organizations under the coordination of the Investment Office, will be a roadmap to bring in value-added investments in the areas needed in the Turkish economy. “The main objective of the strategy document is to increase Türkiye's share in global FDI inflows to 1.5 percent in 2023 in accordance with the 11th Development Plan," added President Erdoğan.
The strategy document aims to increase Türkiye's FDI performance in terms of both quantity & quality and has been developed based on 3 key principles; being investor oriented, being specialized for quality FDI, and being an outcome of the common mind that emerges with cooperation and coordination.
Türkiye's FDI Strategy (2021-2023) is in line with the 11th Development Plan of Türkiye (2019-2023), New Economic Program of Türkiye (2020-2022), Türkiye's 2023 Industry and Technology Strategy, and Turkish Exports Strategy for 2023 in terms of its nature, goals and strategies developed to attain these goals, and complements these key policy documents.

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