Turkish food producer in global partnership deals


AA - Türkiye's Yildiz Holding, owner of Ulker, manufacturer of a wide array of food products, announced its plans on Thursday for a new major global partnership following the acquisition of Belgian chocolate producer Godiva in 2007. Zeki Ziya Sozen, a senior company executive, told reporters that the company's total gross revenues has reached USD 8.8 billion and that its operating profit from food sales stands at USD 428 million. Part of the total gross revenues, some USD 1.4 billion, were generated from overseas operations, said Sozen. He said Yildiz Holding has concluded partnership talks with German tea producer Laurens Spethmann and that they have decided to build a tea factory in Türkiye. Yildiz Holding is also building a factory in Corlu in Western Türkiye after a 2009 joint venture with Gumlink, a Denmark-based producer of chewing gum. Total investments for the plant would reach TRY 200 million. The company also has plans for this year to make investments of around TRY 100 million in the sanitary care business, particularly in the production of toilet paper, paper napkins and paper towels.

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