Türkiye’s E-commerce Volume Posts Substantial Yearly Growth in 2021

​In 2021, e-commerce volume in Türkiye increased by 69 percent year-on-year, reaching TRY 381.5 billion. The number of orders increased by 46 percent to hit 3 billion 347 million units, up from 2 billion 297 million units, during the same period.

The percentage of e‑commerce out of total retail sales was 17.7 percent in 2021. It was in November that the percentage spiked to 20.4 percent, which is known as the e-commerce campaign month.

While 92 percent (TRY 349 billion) of e‑commerce was realized in Türkiye, 4 percent came from purchases from cross-border transactions by foreigners based abroad. Purchases made by overseas Turkish expatriates accounted for the remaining 4 percent.

The number of businesses engaged in e-commerce activities in Türkiye reached 484,347 in 2021. While 26,442 of these enterprises operate as service providers registered with the Electronic Commerce Information System (ETBIS), 472,604 of them operate in e-commerce marketplaces. The number of sites registered to ETBIS amounted to 31,592. 14,699 of Turkish businesses are engaged in e-commerce activities on their own sites while selling on e‑commerce marketplaces as well. 

Analyzing e‑commerce expenditures in 2021 across the demographic age group of 18-70 in Türkiye reveals that e-commerce expenditure per capita increased by 69 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year, amounting to TRY 4,749.
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