Following the jet engine deal, UTC considers helicopter production in Turkey


Star - US defense and aerospace company United Technologies (UTC) is considering helicopter production in Turkey, according to Turkey’s State Minister for Foreign Trade, Zafer Caglayan. The company had previously revealed its plans to build a helicopter production plant to Caglayan during his US visit last month.


Jet engine manufacturer Pratt&Whitney, a division of UTC, has signed a deal with Turkish Kale Kalip for the joint production of engines for the F-35 fighter plane. “The majority of the production of the F-135 engines will be undertaken by the Turkish side and, in time, the entire engine will be produced in Turkey”, said Caglayan, adding that UTC is also interested in the production of helicopters in Turkey for export purposes. “UTC’s Sikorsky division is in talks with Turkish companies regarding a possible investment”, said Caglayan.

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