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​​​​​​​​With a history spanning more than half a century, the inspiration of NETAŞ has always been developing technologies to improve the quality of life for everyone through higher connectivity, mobility, and efficiency. NETAŞ delivers technology solutions for a smarter life, keeping in mind that the technology serves to lead humanity to a better future in harmony with the environment we all live in. On this path, NETAŞ’s focus on R&D has been its driving power since the very beginning.

ZTE is the main shareholder and global partner
ZTE Corporation, one of the largest telecommunications equipment vendors and a pioneer of the 5G and Beyond technologies globally, became the largest shareholder of NETAŞ when it made its single largest equity investment outside of China. One of the ultimate goals of NETAŞ is to become Türkiye’s global technology company, capable of exporting technology products worldwide with the cooperation of ZTE.

Türkiye’s leading systems integrator and ICT services provider
NETAŞ provides its customers with broadband access, unified communications, networking, cyber security, virtualization, cloud computing, optical and carrier Ethernet, IT integration services, strategic outsourcing, and tailored software development solutions. 

NETAŞ has established strategic partnerships with more than 120 global technology companies. The company offers next generation technology services and innovative value-added end-to-end systems integration solutions to an international and diverse multi-vertical customer base. 

As Türkiye’s leading systems integrator, NETAŞ recently deployed an innovative communication infrastructure for Istanbul’s new airport, transformed over 50 stadiums into smart entertainment venues, provided ICT infrastructure for over 8,000 schools and five hospitals in Türkiye, and implemented six data centers for Algeria’s Sonatrach, Africa’s largest oil producer.
With its subsidiary BDH, NETAŞ has a distribution and services platform serving 81 cities throughout Türkiye. The company’s main business focus is on managed services, field services, and warranty services, and it is a global repair and return center in MENA.
A powerhouse for telecommunication technologies
Home to Türkiye’s first private telecommunications R&D center, NETAŞ focuses on developing next-generation technologies, including 5G, IoT, Big Data analytics, and multimedia technology. 
NETAŞ developed the 4.5G –LTE base band unit of Türkiye’s first base station ULAK. Having one of Türkiye’s most competent 4/5G labs, NETAŞ is working to develop 5G solutions in collaboration with its main shareholder ZTE.

The company develops software solutions for smart utilities and field services management, cyber security, software testing, e-ticketing, and smart event management. The UC solutions developed by NETAŞ are used by over 200 operators all around the globe.
A localization center for telecommunications equipment 
For over three decades NETAŞ has served as Türkiye’s main telecommunication equipment supplier and it has distinguished localization skills. Today NETAŞ is working to localize the ZTE solutions. One of its latest localization examples is ZTE’s fiber broadband solution, which has already been certified by the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. 

A technology school for the ICT ecosystem
Focusing on improving the knowledge base of the ICT industry, “n-telligent institute” incorporated by NETAŞ offers training programs for professionals from any industry, covering a wide range of topics, including but are not limited to 5G and Beyond, cyber security, Big Data analytics, and cloud computing. In order to support start-ups, NETAŞ founded NETAŞ Wesley Clover Technology Fund with Canada’s Wesley Clover.​​