​​​​Chairman, ICBC Türkiye​

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China is Türkiye's third largest trade partner and second largest import partner. As two major emerging economies in the world, it is our wish that the two countries will learn from each other and strive towards win-win goals based on mutual needs in various fields. 

ICBC Türkiye is a full-license bank holding commercial bank, investment bank, and asset management licenses with 44 branches and 21 securities business offices with around 860 employees. Its branch network covers areas where the economy and banking industry are active in Türkiye (these areas cover nearly 70 percent of GDP of Türkiye). 

As the world's largest commercial bank, ICBC attaches tremendous importance to the Turkish market. ICBC Türkiye is a young member of the ICBC Group. Based on the growth potential of the regional market and the support of local regulators and the ICBC group, we aim to become the leading bank of the “Belt and Road Initiative" and the preferred bank of “Chinese elements". 

As a key international subsidiary of the group, ICBC Türkiye has already provided a wide array of high-quality financial services for the Turkish economy. In the future, it will provide a greater contribution to promoting economic and social development, and will continue to contribute more to the deepening of the mutually beneficial and win-win economic and trade cooperation between China and Türkiye through the implementation of the “Belt and Road Initiative". In the process, ICBC Türkiye will continue to devote effort to building the links of economic and trade exchanges between China and Türkiye, playing the role of a think-tank, putting forward strategic and forward-looking suggestions, taking tangible integrated financial services to promote investment and trade contacts between China and Türkiye, and improving Türkiye's global position in the finance industry.​​​