Türkiye Transforms into a Global Technology and Production Hub

​​​​“We are determined to transform Türkiye, positioned at the crossroads of three continents, into a global production and technology base. We have already laid the groundwork for this endeavor with the steps we have taken over the past 18 years,” said President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the Technology-Oriented Industry Initiative: MESS Technology Center and 40 new factories on August 29. 

During his speech President Erdoğan mentioned Turkish companies opening up to global markets for export. “During the pandemic, many Turkish companies gained access to countries and regions where they had no or a very limited market share. We see that our export-oriented companies have further expanded their customer base. As the effects of the pandemic wane across the world and everything started falling back into place, the momentum Türkiye has gained will grow stronger,” added President Erdoğan.

President Erdoğan further noted that Türkiye climbed to the 13th position among the largest global economies in terms of purchasing power parity. The fact that 7 Turkish companies now rank among the top 100 defense list and Türkiye being named ‘one of the top 5 countries that possess the most advanced technologies of the world’ were two further achievements mentioned by President Erdoğan.
Image of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan