Siemens eyeing Türkiye for high-speed train production

Star - Siemens, Germany’s one of the largest enterprises with operations in industrial production, energy and healthcare, may produce high-speed trains in Türkiye. Cuneyt Genc, the Director of the Siemens Türkiye High-Speed Trains Department, said that Siemens is seeking to produce high-speed trains in Türkiye.

Attending the Eurasia Rail 2011 fair in Ankara, Genc spoke of Siemens’ high-speed train Velaro, which he proposed to produce in Türkiye, adapted for Türkiye’s needs.

“We do not intend to sell the train set but to transfer technology and production,” said Genc, adding that Siemens could spare a budget of EUR 50 million for the project.

“The 400 km/h trains could be produced in Türkiye with an initial 20 percent of local contribution, which can gradually rise to over 50 percent,“ he said.
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