Foreign investors set sights on Turkish SMEs

SabahTürkiye’s strong performance during the global economic crisis has brought the country’s successful SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) under the global spotlight. Large-scale foreign investors are lining up to acquire operations in the country.

With a record rate of 11.7 percent growth in the first quarter, Türkiye is now seeing a flood of foreign investors eager to acquire or form partnerships with local SMEs.

Major names such as the Russian steel giant Mechel, the Spanish toy manufacturer Imaginarium and the USA-based equity fund Riverside are among the companies that have entered Türkiye anew or upped the scale of their partnerships in the country. The latest company to join the Turkish SMEs that had drawn the attention of foreign investors is the chemicals manufacturer Depur Kimya, acquired by the Lebanese conglomerate Baalbaki Group.

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