2023 Vision to be Realized with New National Cybersecurity Strategy

​​Türkiye is poised to carry out its 2023 vision by bolstering up its firewall with the latest national cybersecurity action plan. 

On December 29, the “National Cybersecurity Strategy and Action Plan (2020-2023)” was published in the Official Gazette. The newly-launched action plan covers a variety of policies, such as shielding the cybersecurity of critical infrastructures for 24/7, embracing a proactive cybersecurity approach, risk analysis of cyber-attacks which can be launched at an institutional, sectoral and national basis; lowering dependency on developers of information technology, opening cyber space to all parts of the nation, and incorporating information security culture in all institutions and organizations. 

Accordingly, Türkiye aims through the newly-launched action plan to leverage information and communication technologies (ICT) and realize national cybersecurity activities effectively and continuously. 
Image of Turkey Map Illustration