Rockwell Automation mulls investing in Turkey

Haberturk – Industrial automation and information solutions provider Rockwell Automation has announced its intention to invest in Turkey. The fourth largest global company in its field, Rockwell plans to manufacture industrial automation systems in Turkey with a wide range of applications in several sectors, upon approval from the company’s board next fall.

Rockwell Automation’s plans to invest in Turkey, a key emerging country with an admirable economic growth rate, first surfaced when Turkey’s Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Nihat Ergün, met with Keith Nosbusch, Chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation to discuss investment opportunities in Turkey’s high-tech sector, well-covered by the country’s new investment incentive scheme. The company then decided to consider Turkey and started to evaluate possible locations for a production plant, according to Rockwell Automations Turkey chief, Cenk Ceylan.

Among the possible locations for the manufacturing plant, the 1st and 2nd zones in the new incentive system, which comprises Turkey’s highly-industrialized western provinces, are being considered, Ceylan said.

Turkey’s industrial automation systems market has a value of about USD 750 million, currently totally dependent on imports. The manufacturing of industrial automation systems in Turkey is considered strategic and is eligible for special incentives.

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