Korkmaz: “Türkiye’s investment environment good for foreigners”

During a speech at Karadeniz Technical University, Alpaslan Korkmaz, President of Türkiye's Investment Support and Promotion Agency expressed that foreign investors chose Türkiye because of various factors such as the young and dynamic Turkish population, and success in maintaining economic-political stability. “Foreign entrepreneurs take political & economic stability, legal system, technical infrastructure and living standarts of a country into account before making an investment. Thanks to developments in those areas, Türkiye last year ranked 13th in attracting foreign investment” he said. Explaining in detail why Türkiye needs FDI Mr. Korkmaz reiterated that the Turkish population is young with an estimated average age of 29, which is lower than elsewhere in Western Europe. Foreign investment not only plays a key role in financing mega infrastructure projects such as highways, dams and ports and but also enables knowledge and technology transfer to the fast-developing country he stated.