Türkiye's GSM operators warm up for 3G

AA - Türkiye's GSM operators are all warmed up for the 3G competition, which will begin as of July 30. Türkiye's leading GSM operators Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone are challenging each other through press conferences, promotion events and commercials to prove that they will deliver the best quality 3G services to their subscribers. Vodafone claims that "as the GSM operator which pioneered the development of 3G technology and the provider of 3G services in 15 countries", it will offer a different dimension to the delivery of 3G services in Türkiye. Vodafone-Türkiye informed the press about its 3G services in a press conference held on Monday. Vodafone's Chairwoman Serpil Timuray told reporters that the company will transfer its know-how in 3G technology to Türkiye and will make a leap forward in 2010 in Türkiye's GSM sector with its 3G services. Timuray said Vodafone will deliver its 3G services in all 81 provinces in Türkiye under the brand "3G", adding that video calls will cost the same as 2G voice calls. Timuray said that, with 3G services, the number of Vodafone subscribers will rise and the use of mobile internet will spread much faster than ADSL. Vodafone, which broke the mobile internet speed record for Türkiye with 28.8 Mbps, has recently announced that it will deliver video calls, mobile TV and high-speed mobile internet access for both mobile phones and portable computers through 3G HSPA MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology. Avea also held a press conference on Monday to promote its 3G services. Avea’s General Manager Erkan Akdemir told reporters that, thanks to their recent infrastructure investments, Avea's network is ready for 3G. Akdemir said Avea hopes to grow with the launch of 3G services, adding that they expect to attract new customers with their mobile internet services. "Avea is the provider of mobile internet services to all Internet Security Systems. Therefore, it has a privileged status. I believe that, with these services, it will be one of the faster growing operators", said Akdemir. Avea also announced that it has already signed over 300 roaming agreements for 3G and that their subscribers will also be able to use 3G services abroad. Meanwhile, Turkcell's CEO Sureyya Ciliv remarked at a meeting earlier this month that they are “very excited” about their soon-to-be-launched 3G services. Ciliv said Turkcell repositioned itself as a technology firm, not only as a GSM operator as it was three years ago. "We see the bright future of the mobile internet, it will become our main service in the years to come", he added. Turkish mobile phone users will begin using 3G mobile systems that allow high-speed data transfer starting July 30. Türkiye's leading mobile operators Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone all signed contracts with Türkiye's Information and Communications Technologies Authority (BTK) on April 30 and have completed their technical preparations for the transition to 3G technology.