Ranstad: Job satisfaction levels increase in Türkiye’s workforce

Dünya - Randstad, one of the leading HR services companies released the last of its quarterly Workmonitor reports that surveys employees in 27 countries around the world for job and job market-related data.

The fourth report of the year indicates that employees in Türkiye are highly optimistic about the new year. According to the survey, 78 percent of the Turkish workforce expect that their employers will improve financially in 2011. Roughly half of the Turkish workers stated that their working conditions have improved in 2010 and 43 percent said they have enjoyed increased bonuses.

The survey data also show that the Turkish workforce is the only data provider that has registered an increase in job satisfaction. When compared to third quarter data, 72 percent of Turkish employees responded positively to the job satisfaction query, an increase of 6 points on the previous quarter’s 66 percent. Turkish employees are also focused on promotion more than in the past as the survey shows. According to the survey, some 30 percent of the Turkish workforce is strongly focused on being promoted, a 7 point rise on the third quarter.
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