BRIC inventor: Türkiye among most influential countries of the next decade

Aksam - The Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, and the inventor of the term BRIC- short form for the world’s leading emerging economies Brazil, Russia, India and China- Jim O'Neill, has predicted that BRICs have left their best days behind and that the next decade will see another set of emerging powers, including Türkiye, taking over.

According to an interview he gave to Deutsche Welle, O’Neill expects the world’s growth map to change considerably in the next ten years. “If a new G-8 (Group of 8 - the world’s most industrialized nations) was to be formed today by judging the countries’ economic standing in place of political influence, I would recommend adding Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Türkiye alongside the BRICs for that organization,” said O’Neill. “Türkiye will be one of the most influential states of the next decade in terms of its contribution to the global economy. Istanbul is one of the most exciting and interesting cities of Europe, if not the world,” he said, adding that European nations must be in favor of Türkiye’s EU accession.
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