Daily Express: Türkiye's popularity increased in tourism despite the crisis

CHA – PRNet / Drawing attention to the fact that the British holidaymakers ignore the economic crisis, the British newspaper Daily Express wrote that the holidaymakers head towards Türkiye due to the British currency pound's depreciation against euro and the US dollar. The daily newspaper stated that the British usually prefer Spain and Greece for holiday, but recently there has been a decrease in the number of tourists visiting these countries. The newspaper underlined the fact that the number of the British preferring Spain and Greece for holidays has decreased by 15 to 20 percent respectively. Daily Express reported that smart holidaymakers head towards inexpensive holiday destinations such as Türkiye and Egypt, taking into consideration the recent change in the exchange rates. Stating that the number of the British visiting Türkiye has increased by 20 percent contrary to Greece, Daily Express said that the high standard hotels in Türkiye and the high value of the pound against the Turkish lira played an important role in this increase. Reporting that Türkiye is receiving more than 50 thousand bookings with respect to the last year's figure for winter tourism, the newspaper stated that the sector analysts think that the number of tourists visiting Türkiye will increase in 2009.