Saudi company to invest in a polypropylene plant in Türkiye

Sabah - Saudi Arabia’s Advanced Petrochemical Company plans to build a polypropylene production plant in Türkiye in partnership with a Turkish company.

The Saudi company intends to have a production plant operational in Türkiye by 2015, according to a company source. The chemical polypropylene is used in a variety of fields including automotive, textiles and packaging. The proposed plant in Türkiye will be one of the key installations for the company outside the Kingdom, the statement read without disclosing information about the Turkish partner or the location of the plant. One of the fastest growing companies in Saudi Arabia, Advanced Petrochemical operates a polypropylene plant in Al-Jubail.

Türkiye’s chemicals sector has witnessed large-scale investment in the form of greenfield investments and acquisitions in recent months. Last December, India’s Aditya Birla Group announced plans to set up a USD 510 million viscose staple fiber plant in the southern Turkish province of Adana, followed by Dow Chemical’s partnering with Aksa to produce carbon fiber in Türkiye.
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