Akbank: As a bridge country, Türkiye can attract investments

Dunya - Suzan Sabanci Dincer, Akbank Chairman, has urged Türkiye to seize opportunities in the Gulf countries. In Dubai to open Akbank's office in the Dubai International Finance Center (DIFC), Sabanci said, "Turkish companies can attract capital through professionalism".

Holding talks with the members of the ruling families of the Emirates, Sabanci and a delegation of Turkish businessmen later flew to Riyadh to meet with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud.

"The Gulf countries have set their sights on Türkiye", said Sabanci. "Fewer countries in the world are attracting investments. Türkiye's young population and favorable average age are attracting interest. People like our government, president and premier, and our bid to join the EU is keenly followed. They see Türkiye as a bridge in this sense. I can see the possibility of Saudi Arabia investing in Türkiye. Our relations are at the highest level."