Türkiye and Chile to sign FTA in December

Turk.net - The Chilean Ambassador to Türkiye, Luis Palma, said a free trade agreement (FTA) between Türkiye and Chile is expected to be signed in December. Speaking to the press during a visit to the Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO), Palma stated that he believed this agreement will help boost trade between the two countries.

He said promotion of commercial relations is key to overall enhancement of bilateral relations, noting that they show particular interest in Izmir's fairs in this context. Luis Palma invited IZTO Chairman Ekrem Demirtas to Chile.

Demirtas told reporters that he is hopeful that the free trade agreement will help increase the current trade volume of USD 500 million between the two countries. He said it is important that the parliaments of the two countries quickly ratify the agreement.