Ministry of Industry and Technology Unveils Support Call for Health and Chemical Products

​​The Ministry of Industry and Technology revealed the “Health and Chemical Products Call” within the scope of the Tech-Driven Industry Initiative.

Accordingly, investments in 421 products and 80 innovative technologies will be supported within the call, where applications will be submitted until September 13 through “hamle.gov.tr”.

Petrochemical intermediate products and additives, development and production of biotechnological medicines, regenerative medicine and artificial tissue/organ technologies, vaccine and immunological products, diagnostic kits and robotic surgery technologies are among the categories covered within the support program.

Aiming to reduce dependence on imports of strategic goods and the current account deficit, the Tech-Driven Industry Initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, also known as the “end-to-end localization” plan, was first published in the Official Gazette in 2019. Amendments made on the priority product list of the Initiative in February this year.

The Ministry will make four calls totally in 2021 under the groups of “Mobility”, “Health and Chemical Products”, “Digital Transformation”, and “Structural Transformation in Production”.​

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