Türkiye Ascends 10 Places in Global Soft Power Index 2024

​​The Brand Finance's Global Soft Power Index 2024 showed Türkiye demonstrated remarkable progress, climbing 10 spots to secure the 18th position among 193 countries in the “Media and Communication" category. Overall, Türkiye's standing in the index rose to 25th, with a score of 53.7, up by 3.3 from the previous year.

Türkiye stands out as one of the countries that have made remarkable strides in the Global Soft Power rankings over the last five iterations from 2020 to 2024, with a notable increase of 14.3 in score and climbing 5 places in ranks. Türkiye's impressive performance, ranking 13th in the “Influence" category within the same index, is credited to its rich cultural heritage values and remarkable achievements in international relations.

Hailed as the most extensive research study on national brand perceptions worldwide, the Global Soft Power Index highlights Türkiye's significant advancement. This advancement is credited to Türkiye's successful communication strategies in areas such as diplomatic initiatives, hosting international organizations, and national branding efforts.​
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