Türkiye Initiates Structural Reforms with YOIKK 2024 Action Plan

​The Coordination Council for the Improvement of the Investment Environment (YOIKK) has unveiled its action plan, outlining its strategy to implement structural reforms and enhance Türkiye's attractiveness to investors. The plan signifies a concerted effort to foster a more favorable climate for both domestic and international investments.

The comprehensive action plan, developed through extensive consultations with stakeholders, encompasses 57 actions aligned with the Türkiye Century vision, the 12th Development Plan (2024-2028), and the Medium-Term Program (2024-2026). These actions cover a wide range of areas, such as enhancing and streamlining administrative and judicial procedures, advancing investment locations with a primary focus on the industrial sector, ensuring target-oriented and selective investment financing, supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem, expanding communication and logistical networks, expediting the digital and green transformation within the industrial landscape, implementing progressive measures such as emission trading systems and carbon regulations, addressing requirements in vocational education and labor markets, harmonizing the education system and other public policies to aptly meet the demands of the workforce.

A key highlight of the plan is the prioritization of high-value-added technology-focused investments through the Advance Loans Against Investment Commitment (ALAIC) program. Additionally, measures to facilitate remote working arrangements in Technology Development Zones and R&D or Design Centers aim to foster innovation and productivity.

Significant progress has already been made in implementing several reforms, including regulatory amendments to harmonize data protection laws with international standards and legislative changes to streamline legal proceedings and enhance investor confidence.

Led by Vice President Cevdet Yılmaz, the YOIKK Platform, in coordination with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Presidential Investment Office, is committed to ensuring the effective implementation of the action plan. Regular monitoring and oversight mechanisms will be established to track progress and address any challenges that may arise during the implementation process.

The YOIKK Platform is a collaborative platform comprised of representatives from various public and private sector entities with a primary objective to develop policy recommendations and undertake concrete actions to bolster Türkiye's competitiveness and appeal to investors.
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