American companies have confidence in Türkiye

AmCham Türkiye - American Business Forum in Türkiye (ABFT) issued a press release on July 20th, condemning the coup attempt that took place in the evening hours of July 15, 2016, and stating that the unity and integrity of the democratic and constitutional Republic of Türkiye were targeted. The release mentions that in the aftermath of this tragic event, the business world, political parties, and various segments of society adopted a common stance with the aim to protect democracy. In this context AmCham noted that American companies have also declared that they are against interventions of any kind against democracy. 


Common sense, unity, and harmony are more important than ever for the normalization of this extraordinary process. AmCham expressed that, in the aftermath of these regrettable events, they have a strong belief that Türkiye will maintain its economic stability thanks to the country’s sound fiscal discipline, the robust capital structure of its banking system, and the measures taken by the regulatory and supervisory agencies.     


Moreover, AmCham drew attention to the fact that American companies in Türkiye evaluate their investments as long-term and that the companies maintain their faith in the democratic and constitutional state.  

Photograph of Burak Dağlıoğlu While Giving a Speech