Austrian Baumax creates jobs, expands investments in Türkiye

Star - Austrian home appliances and do-it-yourself products retailer Baumax has opened its second store in Izmit, Kocaeli in northwestern Türkiye. The store, worth EUR 25 million, provides employment for 250 people.


Noting that the company is aiming to have 50 markets reaching EUR 1 billion of turnover within ten years, Baumax Türkiye General Manager Hakan Arikan said they will open stores in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara in 2011, and that the store in Istanbul will be opened in Avcilar with an investment of EUR 25 million. “Baumax exported products worth TRY 5 million in 2009 via Türkiye”, said Arikan, adding that some 70 percent of their products will be obtained from Turkish suppliers.

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