Biotech Giant Gilead Sciences Starts Domestic Production Following Investment Commitment in Türkiye

​​In line with the Turkish government's priority for domestic production of strategic goods, Türkiye has now been named the most recent manufacturing hub of global biotechnology giant Gilead Sciences that will produce the most innovative and life-saving hepatitis and HIV medicines through the support of the Investment Office.

Gilead has started domestic production in partnership with Pharmactive Pharmaceuticals Company through its “Made in Türkiye for Türkiye" vision, aiming to cover about 70% of its turnover in Türkiye with this new investment.

“I believe domestic drug supply will further get stronger and its imports will decrease thanks to the high-tech production infrastructure and know-how to be transferred by Gilead," said Investment Office President A. Burak Dağlıoğlu at the press conference held upon Gilead's decision to start producing these innovative medicines of critical importance in Türkiye.

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