Turkish-Chinese partnership in electric powered car production


Hurriyet - Following the examples of Renault and leading car designer Murat Gunak, the Boyner Group of Türkiye is slated to become another producer of electric powered cars in the country. French car maker Renault has announced its intention to produce the electric powered version of the Fluence model in its Bursa plant a couple of months ago, while Murat Gunak, a well-known name in car design, is planning to produce his concept electric powered car Mindset entirely in Türkiye.


The latest addition to Türkiye’s electric powered car producers will be Boyner Sanayi, an offshoot of the Boyner Group whose main fields of activity are textiles and apparels. Boyner Sanayi has recently inked a deal with the Chinese car company BDY that holds distribution and production rights of the Chinese car maker. BDY (Build Your Dreams) is one of China’s leading car makers, specializing in hybrid and electric powered cars, also co-owned by international investor and billionaire Warren Buffet.


Boyner Sanayi will begin selling the conventional models of BDY by August 2010, while electric powered models will enter the market in 2011. The production of electric powered cars is planned to begin by 2012. BDY is expected to export electric powered cars produced in Türkiye to markets in Europe.