Retailer DiaSA to invest TRY 140 million in three years


Aksam - DiaSA, the supermarket chain Dia’s joint venture with Türkiye’s Sabanci Group, plans to invest TRY 140 million in three years. DiaSA will open 1,070 new stores throughout Türkiye by the end of 2012. Fernando Gonzalez Somoza, DiaSA’s General Manager, said DiaSA is growing by means of franchising, giving small-scale businesses the chance to integrate into a large retail chain.


Somoza said they will have reached a figure of 721 stores by this month, and more than 270 of these are franchises. He added that they are aiming to increase the number of franchises to 378 at the end of 2010 and that they plan to give 500 franchises in three years. Somoza said Türkiye is the fastest growing country in terms of franchises given and added that the company has grown by 30 percent in the last three years with the contribution of dealers. He said, “We plan to make TRY 140 million worth of investments in Türkiye over the next three years.”


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