fDi Intelligence Interviews Investment Office President

​​Investment Office President Burak Dağlıoğlu evaluated Türkiye’s approach to industrial transformation in the post-COVID-19 period at an interview with fDi intelligence, the investment-focused platform of the Financial Times. 

Dağlıoğlu emphasized that the Investment Office is determined to adapt itself to the requirements of the ‘new normal’. He said, “We would like to further move up the value chain towards high-tech manufacturing, especially in automotive, pharmaceutical, IoT, aerospace, ICT and electronics, especially in the consumer electrics side.” 

One of the priorities of the Investment Office is to support both heavy and high-tech manufacturing so that we can identify potential opportunities for investors and assist them to approach companies in a more proactive way with a value proposition”, added Dağlıoğlu.  
Image of fDi Intelligence Interviewing with Investment Office President