Foreign investments in Turkish energy sector reach TRY 15 billion


Aksam - Investments in the Turkish energy industry realized with foreign participation have exceeded TRY 15 billion, according to data released by the official governing body for the industry. Thermal energy sources remain the most attractive section of the energy industry with TRY 10.6 billion of foreign investment, with renewable energy sources accounting for the remaining TRY 4.5 billion.


The total worth of investments by private companies in the Turkish energy sector, classified as completed, under construction, licensed and approved, has reached TRY 10.6 billion of which some TRY 6.69 billion is accounted for as foreign capital. According to the report prepared by Strategical Technical Economic Research Center (Steam) using Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) data, 66 energy projects have been realized so far, reaching an installed power level of nearly 12.500MW. A total of 22 thermal power plants generate 9.943MW, while the remaining 44 hydro and wind energy plants generate 2.554MW of power.

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