German PV firm in partnership with Turkish construction company


Hurriyet Daily News - The Vogt Group, a German service provider for the photovoltaic industry, has established a partnership with Endem Insaat, a Turkish construction company. “Türkiye is one of the most commercially interesting regions in Europe”, said the Berlin-based firm in reference to the photovoltaic (PV) field. PVs are arrays of cells containing a material that converts solar radiation into direct current electricity. “Geographically seen as the intersection between three continents, Türkiye has drawn attention due to its solar potential, as well as its fast growing population that requires more and more energy”, said the group.


“The Vogt Group is therefore cooperating with Endem Insaat. The established construction company, which has successfully realized major projects outside of Türkiye, will, in the future, put various plans into practice together with the Vogt Group.”


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