Investment Office Brings Together Stakeholders of Technology Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

​Investment Office brought together prominent stakeholders of the Turkish startup ecosystem, as well as content creators and members of the press at the “Technology Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Event" on October 4, providing a platform to network with potential investors, partners, and collaborators and exchange views on the latest trends, innovations, and breakthroughs.
The event was “the place to be" to gain an insight into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, with keynote speeches delivered by Investment Office President A. Burak Dağlıoğlu and Türkiye Wealth Fund Board Member and CEO Arda Ermut.
Speaking at the event, Investment Office President A. Burak Dağlıoğlu expressed his gratitude for hosting such a unique event and stated, “As the Investment Office, our priority is to show that fund management is possible in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We support Turkish technology entrepreneurs by holding receptions and roadshows around the globe to commemorate Türkiye's 100th anniversary, as well as actively participate in events such as VivaTech, Slush, Singapore FinTech Festival, and Web Summit. We will continue to take part in these events with media representatives as of the second half of November. Additionally, we will also hold a meeting to engage with private equity funds on October 19," Dağlıoğlu said.
“We also expect your participation in Take Off Startup Summit, one of the biggest startup events in the region which brings together the most disruptive startups, VCs, accelerators, and multinationals from all over the world in December. In Türkiye's second century, we aim to rank among the top 10 economies in the world under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We believe that high-value-added, technology-driven initiatives and investments will be the most significant shareholders in achieving this goal," Dağlıoğlu added.
Also addressing at the event, Türkiye Wealth Fund Board Member and CEO Arda Ermut said, “The Türkiye Technology Fund (TTF) is set to be a reference fund program in this domain that boosts growth in the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem. As part of the Türkiye Century vision, the TTF will be the “fund of funds". It will support funds investing in Türkiye-based startups. We aim to ensure that the funds we invest in develop leading companies that support Türkiye's strategic and technological advancement. We also expect this fund to reinforce the global success of Turkish startups."
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