Investment Office Hosts BIOKOREA 2021

Turkey took part in the BIOKOREA 2021—one of the largest international bio events—under the coordination of the Investment Office of the Presidency of Türkiye and in collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Türkiye and the Turkish Biopharmaceuticals Platform (TBP).

Speaking on the strengths of the Turkish healthcare industry, Investment Office President Burak Dağlıoğlu said, “Strong public health policies, lucrative incentives, regulations to improve the investment environment, geostrategic location for accessing markets in neighboring countries and our population of 84 million stand out as the prominent factors of the Turkish healthcare sector."

“We are aware of South Korean investors' expertise in biotechnology and their interest in Türkiye. We believe that this interest will translate into tangible investments and collaboration in the future," Dağlıoğlu added.

BIOKOREA 2021 offered Turkish pharma companies a platform to showcase Türkiye's fast-growing biotech market, explore emerging trends, build significant partnerships, and benefit from productive trainings with their peers from across the globe.​

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