Investment Office Meets With German Investors in Hamburg Roadshow

As part of the roadshow program in Hamburg, Germany, Investment Office President A. Burak Dağlıoğlu met with C-level executives, media corporations such as Die Zeit and Der Spiegel, and Business Club Hamburg member companies from various industries.
During his addresses at these meetings, Dağlıoğlu primarily focused on R&D support, the ease of accessing a labor pool of engineers as opposed to rising concerns about the availability of qualified employees in Europe in general, and the flourishing startup ecosystem and tech companies in Türkiye.
Dağlıoğlu also underlined that over 500 international companies in Türkiye are involved in engineering activities through their R&D centers for both their domestic and global projects, citing recent FDI and trade statistics.
Accordingly, there are 7,817 companies and 77 liaison offices with German capital in Türkiye as of the end of December 2021 and Türkiye has attracted USD 10.8 billion of FDI from Germany since 2002. On the trade side, Germany was Türkiye's most prominent trade destination, being its largest export and 3rd largest import partner in 2021. The trade volume between two countries was USD 41 billion in the same year.​

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