Investment Office President: Awaiting Investments Roll-out from Int’l Tech Companies

​Investment Office President Burak Dağlıoğlu briefed members of the press on international technology companies' decisions to roll out investments in Türkiye.

Commenting on best-selling mobile phone manufacturers' intent to invest in Türkiye, Dağlıoğlu went on the record saying, “Oppo announced an investment of about USD 50 million. We are waiting for similar international technology companies we interviewed to announce their investments in the near future."

Dağlıoğlu went on to say, “Over 10 million mobile phones are sold annually in Türkiye. We think that international companies will first meet the needs of the domestic market and then export to other countries in our region."

Dağlıoğlu also revealed that the Investment Office is in charge of bringing technology-intensive, high value-added and job-creating investments to the country. "We are carrying out our work to follow all the processes related to the investments with one-stop-shop approach. Our priority is always to be on the agenda of companies. For this reason, we continue to introduce Türkiye to the targeted sectors and investors," he added.

Dağlıoğlu emphasized that with its educated young workforce, sophisticated industrial infrastructure, strong digital infrastructure and access to a wide market, Türkiye is an attraction point for domestic and international tech investments in its region.​​

​Image of Investment Office President Burak Dağlıoğlu