Investment Office President Speaks at Global Soft Power Summit 2024

​The Brand Finance Global Soft Power Summit 2024 was held at London's Queen Elizabeth II Centre, drawing attendees from more than 100 countries, including the UK, Switzerland, and New Zealand. Renowned for its focus on "soft power," the event brought together leaders and experts from various sectors to explore the pivotal role of soft power in shaping investment, trade, talent, and tourism. Investment Office President A. Burak Dağlıoğlu participated in the summit as a keynote speaker, highlighting Türkiye's investment potential and the diplomatic initiatives of the Office in his presentation.

Dağlıoğlu highlighted Türkiye's economic stability and its position as the top international investment destination in its region over the last 20 years. He also emphasized the importance of FDI for a healthy and robust economic system, showcasing the Investment Office's 20-year history of facilitating structural reforms to ease international investors' operations in Türkiye.

Dağlıoğlu provided insights into the Investment Office's branding and campaign efforts, detailing the operations from pre-investment research to post-project stages and highlighting recent communication initiatives across international media, social media, conventional, and digital platforms. Dağlıoğlu concluded his presentation by sharing future projections and the Investment Office's commitment to further enhancing Türkiye's investment climate.

In a statement, Dağlıoğlu said, "As the Investment Office, we present all opportunities and potential of Türkiye to international investors worldwide, including our resilient economy, qualified workforce, easy access to capital, and favorable position in global supply chains. Through a variety of channels in English, German, French, Chinese, and other languages, we communicate our message. Today, we had the opportunity to convey our messages to an esteemed audience in London as part of our investment diplomacy approach."

Dağlıoğlu presented the latest on Türkiye's FDI environment, stating, "Under the leadership of our esteemed President, our country has ranked among the top-tier countries attracting the most investment in its region over the last 20 years." Dağlıoğlu emphasized that this success is evidenced by the presence of more than 700 international companies in technoparks and R&D centers, and over 80,000 operating across various sectors. The total value of FDI in Türkiye has exceeded USD 260 billion in the last 20 years, showcasing a measurable success, and the effectiveness of multi-channel communication efforts.

Dağlıoğlu announced that Investment Office is poised to unveil the FDI Strategy: 2024-2028, a document outlining the goals and the roadmap for attracting FDI to Türkiye. For the following years, Dağlıoğlu stated, “Currently, Türkiye's share in the global FDI market is around 1 percent. Utilizing all communication channels and tools of the era, we will continue to work diligently to increase this portion to 1.5 percent."

The summit served as a platform for engaging discussions and profound insights into the dynamic landscape of global soft power, illuminating its far-reaching effects across diverse industries.
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