Investment Office President Speaks at World Economic Forum

Investment Office President A. Burak Dağlıoğlu addressed at the “Growth Hotspots: The New Geography of Investment and Growth" of the World Economic Forum's Growth Summit, touching on Türkiye's longterm fundamentals and value propositions that successfully drive its remarkable growth.

"Inflation may be a challenge for companies; however Türkiye is a flexible and agile country that is able to adopt business models quickly. In the same way, elections may bring uncertainty in some emerging countries; nevertheless, Türkiye has undergone various reforms in the past two decades. That is why international investors do not raise election-related concerns, as evidenced by the number of fresh investments we have recently announced. In this respect, elections do not cause uncertainty; rather they represent the functioning of democracy," Dağlıoğlu stated.

"When it comes to growth, Türkiye's compound annual growth rate stands at 5.4 percent. Considering the hiccups of the global economy, Türkiye has managed to post remarkable growth. Türkiye is a fast-growing and resilient economy: this is what we hear from the international business community. Strong commitment to continuous reform agenda, a deep talent pool, particularly in the midst of the global labor challenge, as well as a strategic location at the nexus of Europe, Asia, and Africa are three main pillars of our country's expansion. Of course, geography does not stand alone. What matters is the investments we have made in its infrastructure during the past two decades, particularly in energy, logistics, healthcare, education, and digitalization. Türkiye is now a regional powerhouse in manufacturing and is on its path to becoming a design and R&D hub. It is also a management hub of global companies, with more than 600 multinationals executing their business operations there.

These are Türkiye's longterm fundamentals and value propositions which are not affected by short-term inflation, elections, or the earthquake. It is the international investors' confidence in Türkiye that is driving its successful growth," Dağlıoğlu was quoted as saying.​

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