Investment Office Shares Experiences with Kazakh Counterparts

​The Presidency of the Republic of Türkiye Investment Office organized an experience sharing program with Kazakh Invest via video conference on May 20.

Investment Office Vice President Ahmet İhsan Erdem made the opening speech and welcomed the Kazakh Invest delegation. Erdem started his words by mentioning the joint programs and ever-growing bilateral relations among the two countries. He then made a summary of​ the Investm​ent Office's primary roles of acting as a bridge between government institutions and international investors and of promoting Türkiye as an investment hub in all global platforms.

After the opening remarks, the Investment Office team shared their experiences and the Kazakh Inv​​est delegation was briefed on corporate structure, project management process, sectoral experiences, and aftercare services.  

Image of Investment Office Vice President Ahmet İhsan Erdem